Fancy a vacation tagging sharks in the wild in the Bahamas?

If you’re looking for a holiday adventure and want to do something worthwhile at the same time, you could assist in tagging sharks in the wild in the Bahamas for scientific research. The Grand Isle Resort & Spa on Emerald Bay in Great Exuma is offering hotel guests this opportunity, in conjunction with Beneath the Waves, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of sharks and their habitats.

The exciting and important expeditions are taking place to advance the conservation of tiger, reef, hammerhead and nurse sharks, and to help protect and promote healthy oceans. Each guest will board a small research vessel accompanied by world-renowned marine biologist Dr Austin Gallagher and his team from Beneath the Waves, who will educate them on the project.

As part of the research team, they will search for, catch, tag, and release sharks in the various hotspots of the Exumas, and learn why the waters in the area are worth protecting. The guests will help the team to catch the sharks, and will then apply satellite tags that will help researchers and conservationists to monitor them.

This is being done to learn where they’re moving to and hopefully understand why they’re doing so. The process is completely humane, and important data will be obtained from measurements and tissue samples. Each guest provides a suggested donation to partake in the experience, and it is hoped that the people who embark on this adventure will become inspired to become ocean ambassadors.

“Grand Isle Resort is deeply engaged in the conservation of our environment, and through this partnership, we are able to contribute to the incredible research being done to protect our oceans and marine life here in the Bahamas,” said Lester Scott, general manager of Grand Isle Resort & Spa. “Travellers who join us on this trip will get up close and personal with these majestic animals in a safe environment while learning firsthand from marine biologists.”

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